Hydraulic Hearth

House Cocktails

  • House Cocktails

    *we are currently offering a limited menu of pre-bottled cocktails, juiced, carbonated, and bottled in house. Come check out our offerings, or order some to go via our online ordering system

    • Buffalo Southside

      Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Hopped Simple Syrup, Mint, Lemon Bitters

    • Hydrocar

      Four Roses Bourbon, Cointreau, House Ginger Cordial, Fresh Lime Juice, Angostura Bitters

    • Spaghetti Western

      tequila, sherry, pomegranate, sparkling wine

    • We Demand A Shrubbery

      peony vodka, boomsma, maraschino, lime, mint, sage, rosemary, thyme

    • Old Dog, New Tricks

      vodka, grapefruit, lemon, grenadine, cucumber, gentian

    • Frost Cutter

      brandy, 151, banana, sherry, cinnamon, lemon

    • Death in Oaxaca

      absinthe, mezcal, sparkling wine

    • The Root

      irish whiskey, lockhouse amaro, sugar, sarsparilla

    • Season's Greetings from Prague

      becherovka, mint, cacao, cream

    • Hot Buttered Rum

      house batter, rum blend, brown ale, hot water

    • So Nutty

      rye, sherry, cacao, walnut, pimento bitters